I got a text this evening to the effect that the frock arrived and is perfect.  Since I am paranoid, this is good news indeed.  It’s a bit far to go to make last minute changes.

The paranoia comes from a couple of incidents – one where I took a tiny bit out of a bodice foundation, and that meant the difference between it doing up and it doing nothing of the sort.  The other was finishing the tie for a bodice on a very last-minute dress, and finding that it was just too wide to fit through the loops.  I had to turn it back the other way and make it smaller, then re-turn it.  This was (and I said it was last-minute) the morning of the wedding, and i hadn’t changed the clock in the sewing room to daylight savings.  I sweated bullets until I realised i had another hour.

It was done and I dropped it off early.  But I almost had a heart attack for about half an hour and now persistent paranoia.

My next project is in modification stage at the moment.  I have done a fitting and marked where the various style lines are to go.  Next I make a pattern, cut the underbodice and do a fitting of that.  Then I get brave enough to cut out the fabric.  There’s lots of it.  The skirt is a full circle.  That should be fun.